About One of Kind Lighting

When I bought my crooked little coal company cottage, I couldn't find the kinds of fixtures I'd dreamed of, so I made my own. "How can I keep it green and leave less of a footprint on our fair planet?", thought I, and, "How hard can it be?"!  Little did I know....However, the more I learned about foraging and salvage reuse, elements and assembly, the more I loved it. Every sad, broken and discarded old fixture is a blank canvas to me, teeming with possibility of new life.  All parts are antique and vintage salvage, and finishes that aren't original to the piece are hand painted, gilded or stained by me, including permanently colored crystal and glass. Wiring and bulb sockets are all new and up to code unless otherwise noted. I have several crystal chandeliers waiting to be customized, and always have salvage in stock. Have a sad little piece you want to rescue? Contact me about a custom order. The more tragic, the better!